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UA Hoops™


One word: Basketball.

UA Hoops low profile design and dentist-like custom fit make speaking and breathing easier, enabling better on court performance and communication.

The ArmourFit™ material molds to the teeth for protection and comfort, without being bulky. The single shot design provides a tight, custom fit like you see the pros wearing. Featuring a “basketball” textured finish, UA Hoops is a better basketball mouthguard.


New ArmourFit™ material molds to teeth for a tight, comfortable, custom-like fit. “Chew Resistant” – the ArmourFit™ material is “hydrophobic”. It will not absorb water and will not deteriorate. Microwaveable, Boilable, Re-fittable, and Chew Resistant Mouthguard

Brandon Jennings

Non-Contact Sports



  • For use on the upper jaw
  • Quick and easy “boil and bite” fit
  • Low-profile design for Basketball
  • Latex free
  • Made in USA