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ArmourBite® Mouthpiece

One word: Performance. Here’s an added edge that doesn’t feel like you added anything. The ArmourBite® Mouthpiece (featuring our patented Power Wedges™) fits snuggly – and stealthily – on your bottom teeth. In doing so, it unlocks the power of your jaw so you can be stronger, faster and better in any non-contact sport or activity.




The ArmourBite® Mouthpiece delivers multi-patented technology.
The performance is proven in independent scientific studies.
The advantages are undeniable. Patented Power Wedges® increase strength,
improve reaction time and increase endurance.

ArmourBite® Mouthpiece

Non-Contact Sports

Training / Golf / Running / Weight Lifting / Yoga / Pilates / Tennis / Cycling


  • For use on the lower jaw
  • Quick and easy “boil and bite” fit
  • Color: Yellow
  • Available in sizes Youth (Age 11-) and Adult (Age 12+)
  • Low-profile design for comfort
  • Latex free
  • Not for use with braces
  • Made in USA

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